Chris Coons

Senator Chris Coons of Delaware was actually born in the state of Connecticut, before moving to Hockessin, Delaware.

He attended Amherst College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry and political science. Coon’s went on to study at Yale University, obtaining his master’s in ethics and a J.D. degree through the Yale Law School.

Before becoming a senator, Coons worked as an attorney for Delaware-based W.L. Gore and Associates. During this time he also founded the Delaware chapter of the national “I Have A Dream” Foundation. He later went on to clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

In the 2010 election Coons decided he was going to run for senate, with the intention of putting pragmatism before politics.

Coons serves on the Senate Appropriations, Foreign Relations, Judiciary, Small Business and Entrepreneurship and Ethics committees.

Many individuals have developed their own opinions on Chris Coons and the work he has done for Delaware throughout the years. Although, many conservative senators have spoken out saying how they have overly judged this man. Being a Christian man Coons claimed to be thankful not only to have the opportunity to change the hearts of the nation, but to use God’s grace as a connection.

Senator Coons is very passionate about many issues, but a big issue he focuses on is Education.

He even introduced the American Dream Accounts Act with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. This later would be signed into a law by President Trump in 2018.

Senator Chris Coons wishes to be a mediator between both sides of the Senate and wishes to continue closing the gap between the Democratic Party and Republican Party.

This site allows you to “Meet” Chris Coons and get to know more about his life and history.

This site explains Coon’s priorities and his stance on education.

This resource shares the opinions of the senator, and his thoughts about others he has the opportunity of working with.



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